Joint communique

Report of the Meeting of Women Parliamentarians

Chairman’s Statement

Executive Committee Report

APPF/RES/01: Resolution of condolence for Mr Nakasone

APPF/RES/02: Strengthening institutions for trade and growth

APPF/RES/03: Food security and sustainable agricultural development

APPF/RES/04: Improving participation in the digital economy enhancing connectivity throughout the region

APPF/RES/05: Promoting gender equality for sustainable development and shared prosperity

APPF/RES/06: Improving access for women and girls to education, innovation and technology

APPF/RES/07: Promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment in decision-making at all levels

APPF/RES/08: Enhancing parliamentary roles in response to climate change

APPF/RES/09: Promoting regional cultural diversity and tourism

APPF/RES/ 10: Promoting sustainable development

APPF/RES/ 11: Oceans management

APPF/RES/ 12: Protecting the integrity of government and parliamentary institutions

APPF/RES/ 13: Building trust for peace, security and sustainable development in the region

APPF/RES/14: Addressing drivers of radicalisation

APPF/RES/ 15: Countering terrorism and extremism in the Asia-Pacific region

APPF/RES/16: Peace on the Korean Peninsula

APPF/RES/ 17: Addressing the humanitarian plight of the Rohingya people

APPF/RES/ 18: Promoting cooperation towards enhancing cybersecurity

APPF/RES/ 19: Resolution relating to the role of the President

Amended APPF Rules of Procedure

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