Implementation of prior resolutions

In accordance with Article 32 of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum Rules of Procedure, where a resolution is adopted by the Annual meeting, the country tabling that resolution shall provide the next host country with a written report on how that resolution has been put into effect no later than two months prior to the opening date of the next Annual Meeting.

Submitted Article 32 reports will be considered at the Executive Committee meeting on 13 January 2020.

The APPF28 secretariat has developed a template to assist Member Parliaments in preparing written reports for provision to the Annual Meeting. Use of this template is optional.

APPF27 Resolutions

The agreed resolutions from APPF27 held in Siem Reap, Cambodia are listed below. Resolutions from meetings held prior to 2018 are available from the main APPF website.

APPF27/RES/01 – Resolution on Strengthening Regional Partnership for Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women and Girls for Peace and Sustainable Development (Sponsored by Cambodia, Indonesia, Russian Federation and Mexico)

APPF27/RES/02 – Resolution on Ensuring Inclusive Access to Education, Technical Training and Information Technology for Peace and Sustainable Development (Sponsored by Cambodia, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Mexico)

APPF27/RES/03 – Resolution on Promoting Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in Decision Making at All Levels (Sponsored by Cambodia)

APPF27/RES/04 – Resolution on Enhancing Parliamentary Roles in Response to Climate Change (Sponsored by Cambodia, Australia, Chile, Canada, Republic of Korea and Malaysia)

APPF27/RES/05 – Resolution on Enhancing Parliamentary Cooperation in Promoting Cultural Diversity and Tourism in Asia-Pacific (Sponsored by Cambodia and Russia)

APPF27/RES/06 – Resolution on Promoting Cooperation and Responsible Management of the Arctic Region (Sponsored by Canada)

APPF27/RES/07 – Resolution on Disaster Risk Reduction (Sponsored by Japan)

APPF27/RES/08 – Resolution on Building Strong Institutions to Promote Trade and Investment for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth (Sponsored by Australia, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, Indonesia, Japan, Russia and Viet Nam)

APPF27/RES/09 – Resolution on Promoting Financial Access and Vocational Training for Small and Medium Enterprises for Employment and Peace (Sponsored by Australia, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, China, Indonesia, Japan and Mexico)

APPF27/RES/10 – Resolution on Enhancing Connectivity in the Asia-Pacific Through E-Commerce (Sponsored by Australia, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, Indonesia and Japan)

APPF27/RES/11 – Resolution on Building Trust for Peace, Security and Sustainable Development in the Region (Sponsored by Cambodia, Chile and Russia)

APPF27/RES/12 – Resolution on Combating Terrorism and Transnational Crime in the Region (Sponsored by Australia, Cambodia, Mexico and Russia)

APPF27/RES/13 – Resolution on Strengthening Parliamentary Cooperation in Promoting the Responsible Use of Cyberspace (Information Space) for Social Progress (Sponsored by Cambodia and Chile)

APPF27/RES/14 – Resolution on Peace on the Korean Peninsula (Sponsored by Japan and Republic of Korea)

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